Teams will be listed after the Feb. 1 deadline to ensure no one steals ideas.


It's time for the 2017 Celebrity Death Pool! This contest is free, and a prize (to be determined later) will be given to the winner. Here are this year's rules:

1. You must select 10 celebrities who you think will bite the dust. A celebrity is defined as someone who as their OWN Wiki page.

2. You must submit your list before February 1st. Please send your list to, with some sort of identifier (Twitter handle, name, etc.), plus your Team Name. The contest officially begins on January 1st, so your list is eligible once it is submitted.

3. There is a new point system this year. It is as follows:

    - To gain points, you will subtract the age of your dead celeb from 100. For example: if you correctly guess that an 85 year old celebrity will die, your points will be 100-85, therefore gaining 15 points. Celebrities over 100 years old will result in negative points. However, you can still get point from that person if they qualify for bonus points. Those are as follows:

    - Whitney Houston, We Have A Problem: overdose. (25 points)
    - Daily Double: you have two celebrities die in one day. (100 points)
    - The Amelia Earnhardt: plane or car crash. (25 points)
    - Buzzer Beater - celebrity dies on December 31st. (50 points)
    - The Cobain: suicide. ((25 points)
         - The David Carradine: auto-erotic asphyxiation. (50 points)
         - The Javon Belcher: murder-suicide. (100 points)
         - The Bud Dwyer: a live broadcasted suicide. (150 points)
    - Back & To The Left: assassination. (25 points)
    - The Show Stopper: death on stage. (100 points)
    - Medieval Times: death from bubonic plague. (1000 points)

The winner will be whoever has the most combined points at the end of the year. Any member who kills one of their celebrities or has them killed will be disqualified.

2016 Results:

1. TBD - 158 pts

2. La Petite Mort - 75 pts

3. Hella Morte/6 Feet Under/Casket With A Vieux/Worms Playing Pinochle - 47 pts